About YUMs Yoga

Being a mother is like running a marathon: you need the physical fitness to go the distance and the mental control to hang in there when things get tough.

Yoga as movement meditation.

The YUMs’ approach to yoga focuses on the unique needs of mothers. An emphasis on core strength is integrated into a meditative practice to invigorate body, mind AND spirit. That means you manage the physical, mental and emotional demands of being a mum, better!

YUMs Yoga is yoga created for the needs of the modern mum.

It’s everything you love about yoga without the hassle of getting there!

Is YUMs right for you?

If you are…

  • Pregnant and want to be in the best possible condition for the birth,
  • Have just had a baby and want to recover from your pregnancy fast, or
  • Have an older child/children with minimal time to spare for yourself,

…then YUMs Yoga is for you.

With YUMs you can:

  • Finally, get some “me time”, relax, strengthen and move with ease.
  • Improve your mood, your focus, your ability to handle stress.
  • Sleep better, love better, live better.
  • Strengthen your pelvic floor and “core” muscles.
  • Use your breath to connect your mind and body.
  • Be in better shape after having your baby than you were before.



Practice any time you like, day or night, with our selection of live classes and pre-recorded sessions.


Choose your device! Desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone.


Anywhere you have an internet connection. In your home, at work, even on the beach! Anywhere you choose… anywhere in the world.

YUMs is about feeling alive, cultivating strength, finding your rhythm, and discovering you.

Alicia Tan

Meet Alicia, your Guide.

Since gaining her Bachelor of Naturopathy in 2006, Alicia has practiced and taught natural medicine and yoga on three continents. Amongst her varied professional experience, she has coached competitive gymnastics in Australia, been the principle Naturopath in a 5 Star Integrative Medical Institute in Bangkok, Thailand and taught yoga classes for disabled children in India.

It was in India, when 51⁄2 months pregnant, that Alicia consolidated her 10 years of personal yoga practice with several months of intensive training courses. Two months later she returned home after graduating with qualifications in Advanced Yoga Therapy and Classical Yoga Instructing (500hrs), had her first child, and began a journey to solve some of the common post-natal issues that new mothers experience.

These live, online classes are a distillation of Alicia’s holistic philosophy of health. She has taken a scientific, evidence-based approach to addressing the physical, mental and emotional stresses of pregnancy and birth, and created yoga and meditation-derived solutions to them. The result is a program of well being that is effective, accessible, and suitable for all levels and stages of motherhood.